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Posted by jessicawadden@gmail.com on November 2, 2021

Home Staging: Top 3 Rooms that Sell Your Home

When you are prepping your house to sell you have to put yourself in the buyer’s shoes.  Put your personal tastes aside and think about what the buyer would like to see.  

When you are showing your home to potential buyers, every room may be important, however there are three rooms in particular that buyers seem to pay the most attention to: kitchens, bathrooms and bedrooms.

So, what will buyers like to see in these rooms?  Here are some ideas on how to make these rooms show great.

#1: The Kitchen

Kitchen Staging Tips

First up, the kitchen.  Without stating the obvious – clean, clean, clean.  Make sure your stove, sink and countertops are spotless.  As well, clear your countertops off of anything that is not absolutely necessary.  That includes your small appliances like blenders and toasters.  The idea is to create the impression of a lot of counter space.

And you know where else buyers look – in your cupboards, fridge and pantry.  So make sure you don’t forget to organize those spaces as well.  There is nothing worse than an entire cupboard of mismatched Tupperware tumbling out onto the floor – remember the idea is to make sure there feels like there is adequate storage space.  

Pro tip: merchandise the food items in your fridge and pantry by turning the labels outward to give those spaces more visual appeal.  

#2: The Bathroom

Bathroom Staging Tips

Next up, the bathrooms.  Think about when you go to a nice hotel, how clean and uncluttered the bathroom is.  That is the look you are going for.  

When you are cleaning, don’t neglect the area around the toilet and in the cabinet under the sink.  Buyers open the cabinet under the sink to look at the plumbing and they will see all your personal items in this area.  Storage containers are your friend.  Remove all personal items from the countertop.  If there happens to be a shower curtain, keep it open.  Buyers look in there too. 

Pro tip: make sure your towels match and are neatly hung or rolled.

#3: The Bedroom

Bedroom Staging Tips

Last up, the bedrooms. Make your bed, preferably with matching covers and pillowcases.  Don’t have anything sticking out from under your bed.  And don’t have any dirty clothes laying around.

Bedroom closets should not be neglected – closet space is very important for buyers.  It is alright to have lots of clothes but make sure that they are all neatly hung or folded.  There should be nothing on the closet floor except shoes, which should be organized.

Pro tip: if your primary bedroom houses exercise equipment or doubles as a home office, consider relocating these items until after your home is sold.

A little effort will go a long way to ensure your home will sell quickly and for top dollar!

If you are thinking about selling your home in or around St. John’s, Newfoundland, contact Jessica today for a FREE Home Value Estimate!

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