Top 5 Repairs for Home Sellers

Are you wondering where to focus your time and energy when prepping your home to sell?  Let me help you prioritize that mile-long home repair list so you can focus on what really makes the biggest difference to buyers. 

Home Repair #1: Paint

You don’t need to paint your entire home but you should take a quick glance in each room and patch any holes or scratches that are visible and paint over them.  You want the end result to be a fresh and clean appearance.  If there are any rooms where the colour isn’t appealing to most buyers, you may want to refresh the paint in those areas. Paint is an easy DIY project and for a relatively low cost it can make a big impact.

Home Repair #2: Bathroom & Kitchen

I combined these rooms together because they have a lot of the same issues.  Walk through each space and make note of the following: do the cabinets all close correctly? Are there any leaky faucets or plumbing? Is the grout in need of repair in the shower or on the backsplash? Are all the lights functioning? Many of these items are quick fixes.  And although these are all minor maintenance repairs they give the overall space a feeling that it is well cared for.

Home Repair #3: Light Fixtures

Updating your light fixtures to something more modern is a fairly quick and inexpensive way to transform a space.  It doesn’t need to be anything over the top, and you can often find some great sales at local hardware stores.  Even just changing the light bulb in the fixture can make a big impact in the space.

Home Repair #4: Windows

Take a quick walk through the house and check every window to ensure correct operation.  While you are at it, check the screens and see if any need repair or replacement.  This is an easy fix and often overlooked.  If you see moisture between the panes, then you have a broken seal that needs repair, not a window replacement and this can be taken care of ahead of time.

Home Repair #5: The Exterior

Go around the exterior of the house and look for any glaring issues, like a hanging gutter or broken downspout.  Pay extra attention to the entrance of the home and spend time cleaning and touching up paint in this area.  Secure any broken porch railing or loose boards. You want to wow the buyers and give them a good impression of the home before they even walk through the door.

Overall, the goal of tackling your Home repair list is to present your house to buyers in the best possible light. You want to leave buyers with a positive impression of your home and not wondering what else could be wrong.

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If you have any recommendations for simple home repairs, Let me know in the comments.

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