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5 Questions to Find a Realtor Right For You with Jessica Wadden Real Estate Agent in front of a home in St. John's

Are you relocating for work and trying to find the best real estate agent in your new city? Someone that will be your guide so that you can make the transition to as smooth as possible.

In this blog, you will learn 5 questions you should be asking to help find the best Real Estate Agent for YOU. Someone to be by your side and pull it all together, so that you can find the right home in the right location for the best price and terms possible.

QUESTION 1: What is the Realtor's local market knowledge?

And more specifically how do they figure out the best home and location for you.  Discovering what neighbourhoods will be the right fit for you in advance will help save you so much time.  If you plan to travel for viewings and only have a couple of days to make a decision, you don’t have time to see 50 listings. You need to have someone that can help you make these decisions so you feel really good about the home and location you choose. 

QUESTION 2: What is the Realtor's process for scouting homes?

The biggest challenge when you are relocating to a new city is that you are not there. You are back home, finishing up work, waiting for the kids to get out of school, possibly busy selling a house, and there are all kinds of travel and logistics that you need to work out. You need to find out what your Realtor will do for you remotely.  They should be communicating with you virtually, over the phone, through emails and discover what it is you are looking for so that they can become your eyes and ears.  Your agent should be previewing homes when you are unable to be there in person yourself. Just knowing that you have someone on the ground looking for the right home for you will reduce so much of your house hunting stress.

QUESTION 3: What is the Realtor's negotiation strategy?

It is so important that you choose a realtor that is very professional and a great communicator.  Negotiating contracts by long distance can have its challenges, so make sure your Realtor has experience working with clients remotely.

QUESTION 4: What happens after the offer is accepted?

You may have been able to travel for viewings and the initial offer but now you are back home and have a contract in your new city that is not finalized.  The transaction could have conditions like a home inspection or financing that still have to be worked through and your Realtor can help you communicate with these different parties while you are back home.

QUESTION 5: Will your Realtor be there for you after the closing date?

Congratulations, you purchased a new home in a new city, but will your Realtor still be there for you for the small things like where to find your post office box or a recommendation for a local dentist.

To sum it all up, we all know Moving isn’t fun and buying a house is stressful. Especially when you are trying to do it from hundreds of miles away. But knowing the right questions to ask can help you find the Best Real Estate Agent that will make relocating a much more enjoyable experience.

5 Reason to Love St. John's - Image of Jessica Wadden, female with Dark brown hair and white shirt in front of Jelly Bean Row Houses in St. John's

If you are relocating to St. John’s and want to become more familiar with the city check out my video on the 5 reasons why I think you will love it here.

I truly enjoy welcoming people to the city from other locations. It’s one of my favourite things to do as a real estate agent.  Schedule a free home buyer consultation and I will walk you through the whole buying process and what I can do for you.

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