St. John's Rental Market Your Guide to Success Part 1

Your Guide to the Rental Market in St. John’s

Let's explore the rental market in St. John's! If you're an investor and eager to learn about new opportunities and how to make smart moves, you're in the right place! https://youtu.be/0D1oTXTvFoU In this two-part series, I will cover everything you need to know about investing in rental properties in St. John's. In this first part of our series, I will provide you with a high-level overview of the rental...

Large text reading "Real Estate Investing 4 Easy Steps to Get Started" in front of a pink and yellow chair with image of female to the right with long brown hair and black sweater

4 Steps to Real Estate Investing

Most people want to own an investment property but don't know where to start - here are 4 Easy Steps to Real Estate Investing Success.https://youtu.be/w7S5_1qylt8Are you a new investor? Or are you thinking about investing in real estate, but want some tips and tricks to get started? Real estate can be a great investment as long as you approach it carefully and with a solid plan.  When most people think of...

Is the St. John's Real Estate Market Shifting with Jessica Wadden, white female with long dark brown hair and pink shirt

St. John’s Real Estate Market Shift

Are we still in a seller’s market? Try not to buy into all the doom and gloom in the national headlines because real estate is local. What you really need to know what is happening here in the local St. John’s real estate market. https://youtu.be/5BahsPdeQ8U What is Inventory Rate? In order to know the difference between a buyers, sellers and balanced market and fully understand what is happening in...

Image of St. John's with text "3 Reasons Homeownership is a Great Investment" and Jessica Wadden, female with dark brown hair and pick shirt

Homeownership as an Investment

Inflation is at an all time high so does it make sense to buy a house right now? Is making a real estate investment still a good idea? https://youtu.be/d05ATFJdzYw No doubt, you are feeling the pinch on your wallet at the gas pump or the grocery store and you may be wondering if buying a home right now is a good investment. While the Bank of Canada is working hard to bring down inflation toward their...

Text saying "Pros and Cons of buying a home that's a fixer upper" and image of Jessica Wadden, female with Dark Brown hair and Black shirt

Buying a Fixer Upper Home

Renovating or updating a house may not be as simple as it appears on tv. Let's look at the PROS and CONS of buying a Fixer Upper home versus a home that is Move-In Ready, to help you narrow options for the type of home that you would like to purchase. https://youtu.be/D6vvMR4iLZE Let's start by looking at the upsides to buying a Fixer Upper: Pro #1: Location There are some streets and neighborhoods...

Image with text "Pros and Cons Buying a Home with a Rental Unit" with image of Jessica Wadden, female with dark brown hair and purple shirt

Buying a Home with a Rental Unit

Is buying a home with a Rental Unit the right option for you? Let's look at the pros and cons of buying a 2-Apartment Home vs. a Single Family Home, to help you decide.https://youtu.be/AweFfCMPaHMFirst, Let's look at the benefits of buying a home with a Rental Unit: Pro #1: Income The obvious benefit of a rental unit is that you will have rental income.  If you take this income and apply it to...

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