St. John’s Home Buyer Mistakes

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St. John’s Home Buyer Mistakes to Avoid. When moving to St. John’s, NL you want to avoid these 3 Big Mistakes when buying properties.

St. John's Home Buyer Mistake #3: Not Considering Parking

Are you a multi-car household? If so, you will want to make sure you take parking into consideration when buying a house. There are a number of areas of downtown St. John’s where you have to have a permit to park on the street. As well, outside of downtown, the city of St. John’s has a winter parking ban where cars are not permitted to park on the street at night during winter months so that plows can properly clear the snow.  More information on parking regulations can be found on the City of St. John’s website. Don’t buy a house and afterwards realize you have nowhere to park your car.

St. John's Home Buyer Mistake #2: Understanding Heritage Property Restrictions

St. John’s is one of the oldest cities in North America.  There are a number of older homes in St. John’s and surrounding areas that have been designated as heritage properties.  If this is the case for the home that you purchase, you will be limited to the types of updates that you can make to the property.  But on the upside, there are restoration and maintenance grants that you can apply for.  For more information on heritage grants can be found on Heritage NL website.

St. John's Home Buyer Mistake #1: Skipping the Home Inspection

If you are from Newfoundland, I’m sure like the rest of us you have an uncle or cousin that is an “expert” in all things about a home. It’s great to get their opinion but don’t skip out on getting an inspection from a professional who is used to looking for the types of issues that are common, especially in some of the older St. John’s homes. Real estate is a large financial investment and a home inspection gives you a description of the condition of the investment you are going to make.

Make sure that you have all the facts so that you make smart purchasing decisions.

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If you are relocating to Newfoundland, please check out my video on 5 Things you Might not Expect Living in St. John’s.

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